若桜町のひっそりとしたまちなみ / Wakasa,silence reigned over the town



The ” Kura-dori”street in Wakasa-town,Tottori – prefecture, Japan.
Wakasa-town was a border town of Inaba Province and of Harima Province, and was a important position of military and a key junction for transportation.
At present,the townhouses with red Sesshu roofing tile, white or black nurigome (solid plastered fire-resistant wall),and a wall covered with square tiles jointed with raised plaster,remain there.

Wakasa, Tottori, Japan

Wakasa / 若桜

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Wakasa / 若桜 35.345228, 134.398329 若桜町のひっそりとしたまちなみ / Wakasa,silence reigned over the townWakasa Station, Wakasa, Tottori Prefecture, Japan (Directions)

337136_34505808竹富島の琉球文化彩るまちなみ,そして絶景 / Taketomi Island, marvelous view,in Japan

s-鳥取若桜H17.11.19?012若桜鉄道若桜駅(鳥取 ) / Wakasa Sta.Tottori,Japan

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