北国街道の宿場から養蚕の町へ、海野 / Unno – post station, and silkworm-raising town.






















Townscape of the Unno-juku.(post-town).
Unno-juku used to be the post-town on the road of the Hokkoku-kaido road,which was posted by the Edo Shogunate in the early Edo period
The main street is about 650 meters in length, and honjin (officially appointed inn), and waki honjin (sub-honjin) were established for court nobles and samurai to stay and rest along the street.
Unno-juku thrived as a key point for transportation of the gold from the Sado Gold Mine to Edo (Tokyo) , as the stopping place of the travelers to visit the Zenkoji-Temple, and were used for Sankin Kotai (daimyo’s alternate-year residence in Edo) of the lord of the Hokuriku district.
In the Meiji period, Unno-juku lost its function as a post-town, so, people ventured into the silkworm business. This new business was a big success.Silkworms raised in Unno were highly revered by the Japanese silk industry as well as by overseas customers.
Fire was used to warm the silkworks, so each house had to be provided with fire prevention walls called “Udatsu”, which extend out from the 2nd floor. For extraction of smoke in the house, a small roof called “Kinuki” was added on top of the main roof.
At present, the Unno-juku is selected as a national preservation district for a group of historic buildings.
(References and Citations :  Tomi-City leaflet)

Unno, Tomi-City, Nagano-Prefecture, Japan
June 2013, Olympus OM-D/E-M5



2013年6月 長野県東御市海野宿
Olympus OM-D/E-M5

P5050199酒所、西条 / Saijo, famous production area of sake

s-P5110002ラオス・モン族のクラフト / Crafts made by the Hmong, Laos

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