“ザグレブの胃袋”,ドラツ青果市場 / Tržnica Dolac,Dolac Market

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Dolac is a farmers’ market located in Gornji Grad – Medveščak city district of Zagreb, Croatia.
Dolac is the most visited and the best known farmer’s market in Zagreb, well known for its combination of traditional open market with stalls and a sheltered market below.
It is located only a few dozen meters away from the main city square, Ban Jelačić Square, in the middle between the oldest parts of Zagreb, Gradec and Kaptol.

Dolac Market, Zagreb, Croatia.
August 2014, Olympus OM-D E-M1

”ザグレブの胃袋” とも呼ばれる,ザグレブ中心街間近のドラツ青果市場です。

2014年8月撮影,Olympus OM-D E-M1

Dolac Market / ドラツ市場

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Dolac Market / ドラツ市場 45.813985, 15.977510 “ザグレブの胃袋”,ドラツ青果市場 / Tržnica Dolac,Dolac MarketDolac Market, Zagreb, Croatia (Directions)
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01bbcec314effed57db62264eafed0b6e679479572機内食 : 成田-フランクフルト・JALファーストクラス(洋食コース) / In-flight meal・NRT-FRA, Fclass (JL・Western cuisine)

P7050170米相場を左右した米処,山鹿 / Yamaga, the leader on the rice market

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