The time table of the share-ride taxi services.

the prefectural road. very narrow street.

the end of the village.

a road sign saying ‘Hardly Passable by Large Vehicles’

Tozawa community, Nanmoku village, Gunma-prefecture, Japan.
In the Edo period,Tozawa flourished as the district where whetstone was mined.
At the present, some traditional Japanese houses ( dageshita-zukuri, the eaves of a house project outwards ) remain, but, Nanmoku village, like many rural areas in Japan, is seeing a significant amount of population decline.

Tozawa, Nanmoku-village,Gunma-prefecture,Japan.


Tozawa / 砥沢

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Tozawa / 砥沢 36.158822, 138.668388 砥石採掘で栄えた南牧村砥沢の今 / Tozawa,serious depopulation problems日本群馬県甘楽郡南牧村砥沢683−5 砥沢郵便局 (Directions)
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