雨にくもる竹原 / Takehara, on a rainy day・・・


竹原は、古くは平安時代、 京都・下鴨神社の荘園地として開墾されたのが最初とされ、「安芸の小京都」と呼ばれています。

The townscape of Takehara. ( Hiroshima Prefecture,Japan).

Takehara is often called the ” little Kyoto of Aki “.(Aki Province)
Little Kyoto is a nickname given to towns and cities around Japan that resemble Kyoto City in their old streets and atmosphere.
Takehara was a newly-cultivated rice field as a manor ( in medieval Japan,” shoen”) of the Shimogamo-jinja Shrine (in Kyoto) , In the Heian period ( the last division of classical Japanese history, running from 794 to 1185).
It was the beginning of the history of Takehara.

In the late Edo period, In Takehara, the salt drying and the sake brewing began to flourish.

Now, we can find many temples and old residences.

Takehara, Hiroshima, Japan

Takehara / 竹原

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Takehara / 竹原 34.346889, 132.910514 雨にくもる竹原 / Takehara, on a rainy day・・霧雨にぬれる竹原,再訪 / I revisited Takehara in the misty rain. 日本広島県竹原本町3丁目11−7 町並み保存センター (Directions)

393370_1617907685羽田空港、B747-400Dのコラボレーション / co-starring with two B747-400 aircraft

Chofu横枕小路城下町・長府の落ち着いたまちなみ / Chofu,tranquil castle town

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