post station

  1. 山間の姫街道,下仁田町本宿 / Shimonita-Motojuku, a staging post in the mountains

  2. 中山道の”間の宿”,茂田井 / Motai ,a mid-station along the Nakasendō

  3. 古代からの交通の要衝,関宿 / Seki-juku, known as one of the Three Ancient Barrier.

  4. 大名行列が織りなす山陽道矢掛宿 / Yakage-syuku,well known for daimyo procession

  5. 木曽妻籠宿,ありし江戸の世の姿のままに / Tsumago-juku post town, will take you back in time to the Edo Period.

  6. 木曽馬籠宿,江戸の旅人の足跡を辿って / Magome-juku, post town of an ancient road, paved with stones

  7. 品川宿,高層ビル群のこぼれ陽が当たる路地裏 / alleys in Shinagawa,used to be the last post‐town on the road from Kyoto to Edo.