1. 6つの枡形を持つ大井宿 / Ohi post town, with right angles at six places.

  2. 物資の集積地として大いに栄えた中津川宿 / Nakatsugawa-juku, a former post town and a trade center.

  3. 中山道の山深き宿、大湫宿 / Ōkute-juku, in the hilliest situation

  4. 関所の置かれた宿場町、木曽福島 / Kiso-Fukushima, an important check-point on the Nakasendo.

  5. 水舟のせせらぎが響く須原宿 / Suhara-juku, with murmuring water

  6. 奈良井宿の繁栄を支えた工人町、木曽平沢集落 / Kiso – Hirasawa, famous as a lacquer ware productive center.

  7. そば切り発祥の地、本山宿 / Motoyama-juku, known throughout the country for its soba noodles.

  8. 山間の姫街道,下仁田町本宿 / Shimonita-Motojuku, a staging post in the mountains

  9. 北アルプスを望む千曲川河畔の宿,塩名田宿 / Shionada-shiku post station, on a clear stream

  10. 中山道岩村田宿の今…岩村田商店街 / Iwamurada shopping arcade… used to be a post town

  11. 木曽路の美しき宿場,奈良井宿 / Narai-juku,beautiful historic Post town

  12. 木曽妻籠宿,ありし江戸の世の姿のままに / Tsumago-juku post town, will take you back in time to the Edo Period.

  13. 木曽馬籠宿,江戸の旅人の足跡を辿って / Magome-juku, post town of an ancient road, paved with stones