1. 中馬街道の脇道宿場町、日本大正村・明智 / Akechi, where Nanboku and Chuma highways come together.

  2. 6つの枡形を持つ大井宿 / Ohi post town, with right angles at six places.

  3. 物資の集積地として大いに栄えた中津川宿 / Nakatsugawa-juku, a former post town and a trade center.

  4. 中山道の山深き宿、大湫宿 / Ōkute-juku, in the hilliest situation

  5. 女城主で知られる城下町、岩村 / Iwamura, the castle town, well known for the female castle load.

  6. 清流に心洗われる郡上八幡 / Gujo Hachiman, with pristine waterways.

  7. 美濃,紙漉の伝統を伝える里/ Mino, with a thriving traditional paper industry.

  8. 驟雨の高山/ Takayama,in autumn rain

  9. 木曽馬籠宿,江戸の旅人の足跡を辿って / Magome-juku, post town of an ancient road, paved with stones