back alley

  1. 大森駅至近のディープゾーン,地獄谷と居酒屋横丁ビル / Pub alley nearby Omori Station,commonly called “the Hell Valley”

  2. 品川宿,高層ビル群のこぼれ陽が当たる路地裏 / alleys in Shinagawa,used to be the last post‐town on the road from Kyoto to Edo.

  3. 高層タワーの下に佇む下町情緒,月島,佃 / Tsukishima & Tsukuda,the friendly atmosphere under the skyscrapers

  4. 呑兵衛を温かく包む大井町,再訪 / the warm back alley off Oimachi-town,welcoming drinkers

  5. 消えつつある池袋の横丁 / attractive alleys are disappearing from Ikebukuro,metropolitan city

  6. 闇市の色をとどめる,新宿思い出横丁 / Omoide Yokocho (Memory Alley), have its root in the black market.

  7. 品川駅港南口,近代的ビルディングの中のディープな横丁/ the nostalgic back alley, in modren buildings, Shinagawa,Tokyo

  8. 台北,活気溢れる市場の街 / Taipei,very lively markets

  9. 馬券売場の喧騒ただよう浅草寺界隈 / Back alleys off Kaminarimon,the bustle of the betting booths