1. 雨に煙る悲情城市,九份 / Jiufen, “A City of Sadness”, shrouded in a heavy rain..

  2. 古代からの交通の要衝,関宿 / Seki-juku, known as one of the Three Ancient Barrier.

  3. 木曽馬籠宿,江戸の旅人の足跡を辿って / Magome-juku, post town of an ancient road, paved with stones

  4. 柳井・白漆喰の眩しいまちなみ / Yanai – the beauty of white mortar

  5. 潮待ちの港・鞆の浦 / Tomonoura – Shiomachi no minato (a port for awaiting a favorable tide)

  6. 消えつつある池袋の横丁 / attractive alleys are disappearing from Ikebukuro,metropolitan city

  7. 水郷の町・佐原のまちなみ / Sawara,the riverside district

  8. 伝統建築を色濃く残す街,北村韓屋村 / Bukchon Hanok Village,Korean historic buildings and structures.

  9. ソウルの下町,楽園洞(ナヴォンドン)/ Nagwon-dong,the downtown area of Seoul

  10. 馬券売場の喧騒ただよう浅草寺界隈 / Back alleys off Kaminarimon,the bustle of the betting booths

  11. 川越・菓子屋横丁/ Penny Candy Lane, Kawagoe, Japan

  12. 胡弓の音が流れるおわら風の盆のまち・越中八尾 / Ecchu-Yatsuo, the melancholic festival.