関東地方( the Kanto district / Tokyo)

水郷の町・佐原のまちなみ / Sawara,the riverside district

Sawara is a town located in Katori City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
By the Nara period, it had developed as a port, and as a monzenmachi associated with Katori Shrine, and in the Heian period was a regional commerce center for numerous shōen in the area. During the Edo period, it was partly under the control of the Omigawa Domain, a feudal domain of the Tokugawa shogunate.
Channel networks of rivers and moats and kura (the earthen-walled storehouses) characterized the Edo cityscape, and? Sawara, the river port city, where the kura cityscape have survived is called “small Edo” for its architectural resemblance to Edo and the fact that it was actively traded with Edo.

Sawara, Katori-City, Chiba-prefecture,Japan.


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