歴史的情緒あふれる城下町、丹波篠山 / Sasayama, castle town with historical atmosphere

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Sasayama is an historic castle town.
In 1609, Tokugawa Ieyasu ordered the construction of a castle on a hill called Sasayama as the base for his offensive against rebels in Osaka Castle. Sasayama Castle fulfilled its purpose, and the castle town of Sasayama came to flourish as the main city of the Tanba region.
Even today, the much of the historical townscape is preserved and communicates the atmosphere of the castle town to the present day.
(* References:Tanba Sasayama tourism portal site)

June 2013, Sasayama-City, Hyogo-Prefecture,Japan.
Olympus OM-D/E-M5


Olympus OM-D/E-M5

Tanba - Sasayama / 丹波篠山

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Tanba - Sasayama / 丹波篠山 35.073209, 135.217581 歴史的情緒あふれる城下町、丹波篠山 / Sasayama, castle town with historical atmosphere篠山城 (Directions)

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