石段の町・尾道 / Onomichi – there’s so many stone stairs, alleys…

「 海が見えた。海が見える。
私は涙があふれていた。 」 ( 林芙美子・放浪記 )


「 The sea has come into my sight. I can see the sea.
Onomichi-city is dear to me. I’ ve returned here after five years’ absence.
As the train neared the sea, a lot of sooty small roofs spread like lanterns.
I see the red tower of the Senko-ji temple.
I? see fresh green leaves covering the hillside brightly.
There is the dockyard over the green sea, where, the mast of the red ship stands high to the sky.
The tears come into my eyes with a nostalgic feeling. 」
( “Horoki” written by Fumiko Hayashi. I translate it in my own way. )

Onomichi – city is one of the most favorite city for me, because this city has a lot of stone stairs, alleys,lanes.
Also, there are many temples in this city.
( This photo gallery contains 47 pictures.)

Onomchi – city , Hiroshima, Japan.

Onomichi / 尾道

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Onomichi / 尾道 34.411300, 133.201160 石段の町・尾道 / Onomichi - there’s so many stone stairs, alleys...日本広島県尾道市 (Directions)

DSCF3385シントラ・世界遺産の可愛い町並み / Sintra-Romantic architecture and landscapes

R0013921豪商の築いた蔵造りの家並み・筑後吉井 / Chikugo-Yoshii, the street of kura-zukuri buildings

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