飫肥・飫肥藩5万7,000石の城下町 / Obi – the Castle Town

Obi Domain: Obi-jo Castle (reconstruction)Obi, the Castle Town, Miyazaki, Japan.
Some Samurai Yashiki or Samurai-machi areas,and Chounin-machi (the commercial area for the merchants) survive today in the form they once held in the Edo period , and many of them are designated as Important Preservation Districts for Groups of Historic Buildings.
Obi is often called Sho-kyoto (little Kyoto) and is tourist spots.
( Little Kyoto is a nickname given to towns and cities around Japan that resemble Kyoto City in their old streets and atmosphere.)


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Obi / 飫肥

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Obi / 飫肥 31.629106, 131.350304 飫肥・飫肥藩5万7,000石の城下町 / Obi – the Castle Town日本宮崎県日南市 飫肥城址 (Directions)
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R0015359コンラッド東京 / Conrad Tokyo – Twin Room Bay View

P1000386大井町・酔っぱらいを温かく迎える路地裏 / the backalley off the Oimachi, Tokyo

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