城下町・杵築 石段と坂道のまち / Kituiki,the castle town – so many stone stairs….


The cityscape of Kitsuki, Oita-prefecture, Japan.
In Edo period, Kitsuki flourished as the castle town of Kituski Domain (the load family was Matsudaira, the territory was 32,000 goku crop yields), and as the political and economic center of the region.
There are so many stone steps and slopes, between the rising ground area , in which there were many samurai residences,and the low ground area in which merchants resided.
Kitsuki-City is very tastefully laid out.

Kitsuki, Oita – Prefecture, Japan, in June 25, 2005

Kitsuki / 杵築

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Kitsuki / 杵築 33.417186, 131.626425 城下町・杵築 石段と坂道のまち / Kituiki,the castle town – so many stone stairs….Kitsuki Castle Town, Kitsuki, Oita Prefecture, Japan (Directions)

P2020077横浜・黄金町,旧青線の残り香を探して / Kogane-Cho, the former red-light district

IMG_7081倉吉,白壁土蔵のまちなみ / Kurayoshi,many ‘soil lacquered’ warehouses

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