高知・吉良川・土佐備長炭の廻船で栄えた在郷町 / Kiragawa,just a rural small port town now…


” Hama ” area.? These houses are famous for their white plaster and unique roof tiles.



” Oka ” area. These houses are famous for? their black stone walls.

高知県、室戸岬に近い吉良川集落は、今は太平洋の荒波の海辺の鄙びた港町ですが、 明治後期より、土佐備長炭の廻船で栄えたといいます。

Kiragawa-town is just a rural small port town. But formerly, it flourished as a distributing point of ”Tosa-Binchotan” charcoal ,and was a ” Zaigomachi ” (villages with the function of a town).

Kiragawa, Kochi, Japan

Kiragawa / 吉良川町

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Kiragawa / 吉良川町 33.331505, 134.100291 高知・吉良川・土佐備長炭の廻船で栄えた在郷町 / Kiragawa,just a rural small port town now...日本高知県室戸市Kiragawachō (Directions)
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