中部地方 (the Chubu district)オールドレンズ / Old Lens

オールドレンズと巡る東海道蒲原宿 / Kanbara-juku, with an old lens

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Kanbara-juku was the fifteenth of the fifty-three stations of the Tōkaidō.
The original Kanbara-juku was decimated by a flood in the early part of the Edo period, but was rebuilt shortly thereafter.
The classic ukiyoe print by Ando Hiroshige (Hoeido edition) from 1831-1834, depicts a mountain village at nightfall, through which three people are struggling under deep snow. It is a rather strange composition, as Kanbara is located in a very temperate area warmed by the Kuroshio current offshore, and even a light snowfall is extremely rare.
(* refer to Wikipedia org.)

Kanbara-juku, Shizuoka-City, Shizuoka-Prefecture, Japan
June 2016
Ai Nikkor 50mm F1.4, Sony α7ⅱ


Ai Nikkor 50mm F1.4 (Old film lens)
Sony α7ⅱ

Kanbara-juku / 蒲原宿

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Kanbara-juku / 蒲原宿 35.120084, 138.605683 オールドレンズと巡る東海道蒲原宿 / Kanbara-juku, with an old lens日本静岡県静岡市清水区蒲原2丁目5新蒲原駅 (Directions)
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