活気,そして猥雑な路地裏・蒲田 / Kamata,Tokyo – the vulgar town

The West area of Kamata






a cheap eating-house

coin-operated lockers, which many tramps always use.





The? East? area of Kamata
adult-entertainment businesses



There are lively,hot markets, small snack bar, small taverns, manga cafes, and also loan sharks,adult-entertainment businesses,and hotels ( that rents rooms to couples either overnight or for two hours’ “rest”), near Kamata Station.
This is the very interesting space, where the cozy warmth of kitchens, and?sexual appetites exist mixed up.

ちなみに,路地裏を撮影中,中年の集団に,「 貴女どこのお店の所属?いくら?」と言われてちょっと嘲笑・・・。

P1000859マラケシュ・ピンクの迷路をさまよって / Marrakesh, vast red labyrinth

s-ひがし茶屋街37金沢・東山ひがし茶屋町の路地裏 / Back alleys in Kanazawa….Higashiyama Higashi Kazue-machi-Chaya-machi

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