郷愁漂う駅舎,上信電鉄下仁田駅 / a nostalgic station, Shimonita – Station

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Jōshin Dentetsu Jōshin Line  (Jōshin-sen) is a Japanese railway line in Gunma Prefecture, between Takasaki Station in Takasaki and Shimonita Station in Shimonita, operated by the private railway operator Joshin Electric Railway ( Joshin Dentetsu ).
This is the only line operated by the company, although it also operates a few bus lines. The first section of the line opened in 1897.

Shimonita – Station ( Joshin Line ), Gunma – Prefecture, Japan.
June 2014,
Olympus OM-D E-M1, & iPhone

Olympus OM-D E-M1 & iPhone

P8120980コトル,穏やかな入江の小さな街 / Kotor, a pretty town on the calm bay

P6070064トンバイ壁のある裏通り,有田 / Tonbai walls everywhere in Arita

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