Johana has a rich natural environment.
The difference of elevation between the highest field and the lowest one is about 100 m.
So,It is well known as the hilly town,and is called the ‘Little Kyoto of the Ecchu’.
The town in the anime True Tears is modeled after Jōhana.


城端は,山間部(1000m 弱)と平野部(海抜100m)を持つ自然環境に恵まれた土地であり,小さい町ながらこの標高差があり、坂の町としても知られています。


Johana / 城端

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Johana / 城端 36.514576, 136.902112 越中の小京都,城端 / Johana,\'Little Kyoto of the Ecchu\'.日本富山県南砺市城端579−3 城端曳山会館 (Directions)
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