石見銀山の繁栄を偲ぶ大森のまちなみ / Omori-machi, the vestige of the prosperity of Iwami Ginzan


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Iwami Ginzan (silver mine) enjoyed a long history before it closed in 1923.
Silver was said to have been discovered there in 1526.
In 1533, innovative refining techniques were introduced from South Korea, and with them the production of silver dramatically increased.
The vestige of the prosperity of Iwami Ginzan is reflected in the view of Omori-machi. About one kilometer from the magistrate’s office, there still remain merchants’ houses, inns, samurai residences and other structures in the area, once bustled as the center of the silver mine administration. This sight alone is enough to give you an idea how well Iwami Ginzan prospered.
( * citations : Japan National Tourism Organization’s official guide )

Omori-machi, Ohda-City, Shimane-Prefecture, Japan
November 2013, Olympus OM-D E-M5



2013年11月撮影,Olympus OM-D E-M5

Iwami - ginzan / 石見銀山

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Iwami - ginzan / 石見銀山 35.104883, 132.439156 石見銀山の繁栄を偲ぶ大森のまちなみ / Omori-machi, the vestige of the prosperity of Iwami Ginzan日本島根県大田市 石見銀山世界遺産センター (Directions)
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