イスタンブール・EuropeとAsiaの交差点 / Istanbul,the intersection of Europe and Asia


I traveled and stayed Istanbul only 2 days, but could enjoy to my heart’s content.
I stayed at the hotel located near the blue mosque, so, I woke to the sound of the adhan, the call to prayer, which is made from a mosque’s minarets.
I wandered around the old city and in the bazzar(market), and went? there and back between the Europe side and the Asian side by ferry.

Istanbul – between Europe and Asia

Istanbul / イスタンブール

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Istanbul / イスタンブール 41.008238, 28.978359 イスタンブール・EuropeとAsiaの交差点 / Istanbul,the intersection of Europe and Asiaİstanbul, Türkiye (Directions)

29611896_3034682889コッツウォルズ(Cotswolds・the U.K.)Part5 英国田園思慕

43517381_415279155西塘古鎮 – 天霧の水郷古村 / XiTang riverside old town,Zhejiang,China

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  1. 観光地も良いですが、このような石畳の路地を歩くのも良いですね。トルコの生活習慣などが観えるかもしれませんね。

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