今井町, 自治都市を享受したまちなみ / Imai, autonomous city


Imai-Town had developed as a jinai-cho around the Shonen-ji Temple, but after Nobunaga Oda disarmed the town, it enjoyed prosperity as an autonomous city, until the end of the Edo period.
In the Edo period, the Tokugawa shogunate consequently recognized Imai-town as a township whereby so-kaisho (meeting place of a municipality) as seen in Edo, Osaka, Kyoto and Nara was installed and machi-yakunin (municipal officials) such as sou-doshiyori, machi-doshiyori (ward heads) began to manage affairs of the town under supervision of the shogunate.
Imai-town, today, old houses with their external walls being finished in the okabe style? remain in existence,so It’s selected for the Preservation Districts for groups of historic buildings and eight machiya (traditional merchant’s townhouse) in the town are designated as national important cultural properties.

Imai, Kashihara-city, Nara-prfecture,Japan.
September 2004

Imai / 今井

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Imai / 今井 34.505146, 135.789241 今井町, 自治都市を享受したまちなみ / Imai, autonomous city日本奈良県橿原市今井町2丁目3−5 今井まちなみ交流センター華甍 (Directions)

IMG_0678機内食 : 成田-フランクフルト・JALビジネスクラス,July 2012 / In-flight meal・NRT-FRA, Cclass (JL),July 2012

R0011823熱気あふれるベンタイン市場 / Cho Ben Thanh Market , filled with excitement.

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