福建土楼の家並み / Fujian Tulou (Huaan)

土楼は,客家などの人々による独特の巨大な建築物で、 厚い土塀と木の骨格から構成されており、外部からの防御の役割を果たすほか、内部には数十家族が共同生活を営んでおり、生活感がたっぷりです♪ (四角い建物も土楼だそうです)

These are Huuan Tulou, which forms a part of “Fujian Tulou”.
Fujian Tulou is a type of Chinese rural huge dwellings of the Hakka people,etc.
A tulou is usually a large, enclosed and fortified earth building, with very thick load-bearing rammed earth walls and housing scores of families.
Branches, strips of wood and bamboo chips are often laid in the wall as additional reinforcement.
Many families still live there today.

Fujian Tulou (Huuan), Fujian, China

Hua'an Tulou / 華安土楼

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Hua\'an Tulou / 華安土楼 25.004425, 117.534103 福建土楼の家並み / Fujian Tulou (Huaan)中華人民共和国福建省ショウ州市華安県華安土楼 (Directions)

s-下津井01下津井・潮風のかほる街並み / Shimotsui, the sea-breeze blows

7440cd48725c028a6e1914350d354209大崎下島 – 大長 , 御手洗のレトロな路地裏 / Nostalgic Alleys in Osaki-shimojima Island

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