熱気あふれるベンタイン市場 / Cho Ben Thanh Market , filled with excitement.


The air in the Cho Ben Thanh Marckt is always thick with the enthusiasm.
Most things, fresh food,clothes,groceries or other goods can be obtained here.
But, you have to Beware of pickpockets here.

the Cho Ben Thanh Marckt, Ho Chi Minh-City, Vietnam

Ben Thanh Market / ベンタイン市場

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Ben Thanh Market / ベンタイン市場 10.772556, 106.697991 熱気あふれるベンタイン市場 / Cho Ben Thanh Market , filled with excitement.Ben Thanh Market, Lê Lợi, Bến Thành, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam (Directions)
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