豪商の築いた蔵造りの家並み・筑後吉井 / Chikugo-Yoshii, the street of kura-zukuri buildings


Chikugo-Yoshii? area , which is located in Ukiha-City, Fukuoka-Prefecture, is well known  for  ’Shirakabe Kura-zukuri no machinami’ (the street of kura-zukuri buildings, with white plaster wall ) .
So, it is designated an Important Preservation District for Groups of Traditional Buildings,in1996.
In the Edo Period, Chikugo-Yoshii? flourished as a post station on the Bungo Kaido Road (between Kurume and Hita ), and also, as an important? manufacturing industrial area of ‘sake’,oil,and so on.
From the Meiji period to the Taisho Period, many merchants built the sumptuous buildings with thick mortar walls.
At present, Chikugo-Yoshi? is just a rural area.

Chikugo-Yoshii, Ukiha-City, Fukuoka-Prefecture, Japan.

Chikugo - Yoshii / 筑後吉井

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Chikugo - Yoshii / 筑後吉井 33.340909, 130.753134 豪商の築いた蔵造りの家並み・筑後吉井 / Chikugo-Yoshii, the street of kura-zukuri buildings日本福岡県うきは市吉井町筑後吉井駅 (Directions)
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