プラハ・カレル橋 / Karlův most, Charles Bridge, Prague


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The Charles Bridge (Czech: Karlův most) is a famous historic bridge that crosses the Vltava river in Prague, Czech Republic. Its construction started in 1357 under the auspices of King Charles IV, and finished in the beginning of the 15th century.
The bridge is 621 m long and nearly 10 m wide, resting on 16 arches shielded by ice guards. It is protected by three bridge towers, two of them on theLesser Quarter side and the third one on the Old Town side. The Old Town bridge tower is often considered to be one of the most astonishing civilgothic-style buildings in the world. The bridge is decorated by a continuous alley of 30 statues and statuaries, most of them baroque-style, originally erected around 1700 but now all replaced by replicas.

The Charles Bridge (Czech: Karlův most), in Prague, Czech Republic.
August 2013

カレル橋(チェコ語: Karlův most)はチェコ共和国の首都、プラハを流れるヴルタヴァ川に架かる橋です。


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