吹雪に霞む留萌本線 / Rumoi Main Line in a Blizzard

The Rumoi Main Line (Rumoi-honsen) is a Japanese railway line in Hokkaido operated by Hokkaido Railway Company (JR Hokkaido) which connects Fukagawa Station in Fukagawa and Mashike Station in Mashike.On 10 August 2015, JR Hokkaido informed the mayors of Rumoi and Mashike of its plans to close the 16.7 km section of the line from Rumoi and Mashike in 2016. The Rumoi Main Line December 2015, Olympus OM-D E-M1 2016年中に留萌〜増毛間の廃線が報じされた留萌本線の全区間、深川〜増毛間を往復乗車しました。 増毛駅では吹雪がおそい、霞む留萌本線の車両が寂しく映りました。 留萌本線 2015年12月撮影、Olympus OM-D E-M1

旧名鉄美濃線美濃駅 / Mino Station, Meitetsu – Mino – Line (out of service)

Mino Station, Meitetsu – Mino – Line (out of service) November 2014 Olympus OM-D E-M1 名鉄美濃線美濃駅 (平成11年4月廃駅) 2014年11月撮影 Olympus OM-D E-M1

郷愁漂う駅舎,上信電鉄下仁田駅 / a nostalgic station, Shimonita – Station

Jōshin Dentetsu Jōshin Line  (Jōshin-sen) is a Japanese railway line in Gunma Prefecture, between Takasaki Station in Takasaki and Shimonita Station in Shimonita, operated by the private railway operator Joshin Electric Railway ( Joshin Dentetsu ). This is the only line operated by the company, although it also operates a few bus lines. The first section of the line opened in 1897. Shimonita – Station ( Joshin Line ), Gunma – Prefecture, Japan. June 2014, Olympus OM-D E-M1, & iPhone 上信電鉄上信線・下仁田駅 2014年6月撮影 Olympus OM-D E-M1 & iPhone

深夜の鶴見線, 駅風景 / The Tsurumi Line at midnight

Kokudo Station 国道駅 Railyard near KojimaShinden Station 小島新田駅近くの車両基地 Syowa Station 昭和駅 ShinShibaura Station 新芝浦駅 Ogimachi Station 扇町駅 Okawa Station 大川駅 MusashiShiraishi Station 武蔵白石駅 深夜の鶴見線風景 2007年9月撮影 compact digital camera The Tsurumi Line is a railway line operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. It provides passenger service along a 7 km between Tsurumi Station in Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama and Ōgimachi Station in Kawasaki-ku, Kawasaki. Branches bring the total length of track to 9.7 km. The gauge is 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in). Two sections of the line have double track. The line is electrified at 1,500 V DC. Japan Freight Railway Company (JR Freight) operates on […]

ドイツ鉄道が揃い組,フランクフルトにて。/ Deutsche Bahn, at frankfurt station

  Deutsche Bahn AG (DB AG, DBAG or DB) is the German railway company, a private joint-stock company (AG) with the Federal Republic of Germany being its majority shareholder with its headquarters in Berlin. Deutsche Bahn describes itself as the second-largest transport company in the world, after the German postal and logistics company Deutsche Post / DHL, and is the largest railway operator and infrastructure owner in Europe. It carries about two billion passengers each year. Deutsche Bahn (literally “German Railway” in German) came into existence in 1994 as the successor to the former state railways of Germany, the Deutsche Bundesbahn of West Germany and the Deutsche Reichsbahn of East […]

潮風を受けて走る銚子電気鉄道 / Choshi Electric Railway Line relishes the sea wind

          The Choshi Electric Railway Line is a 6.4?km long railway line operated between Choshi Station and Tokawa Station in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. This line is facing declining ridership. The company ventured into selling nure-senbei (moist senbei rice crackers) to subsidize its operations, and the profits from confectionery sales are now double those from its railway operations. 04/05/2006? Choshi Electric Railway Line Choshi-City, Chiba-Prefecture,Japan. 潮風を受けて走るローカル線,銚子電気鉄道の2006年5月時点の写真です。 銚子電鉄は,銚子駅と外川駅との間の6.4キロメートルを結んでいますが,乗客数の増加が見込めず,副業として,名物,「ぬれ煎餅」を製造・販売し,経営の資金不足を補っています。 経営は非常に厳しいですが,鉄道ファンには愛されている路線です。 2006年5月,銚子電気鉄道,千葉県銚子市。

ミニ鉄道・紀州鉄道に揺られて / Kishu Railway Line, the second shortest of normal railways in Japan

                      The Kishū Railway Line is a Japanese railway line between Gobō Station and Nishi-Gobō Station, all within Gobō, Wakayama. This is the only railway line of Kishū Railway Co., Ltd. , while the company’s main business is real estates and hotels. The line was opened by Gobō Rinkō Railway in 1931, but it suffered from low riderships. The current Tokyo-based hotel company, originally not a railway operator, took over the line in 1972, so that it can gain the prestige as a railway company. Despite its name meaning the railway of whole Kii Province (Kishu, the current Wakayama), the […]

京浜工業地帯エリアのディープスポット,国道駅 / Kokudo-Station, reminiscent of the past

                                                      01/02/2013               24/09/2007 Kokudō Station (Kokudō-eki) is a railway station operated by East Japan Railway Company (JR East) ,and is served by the Tsurumi Line. In 1949, the station was used as a location setting for the Akira Kurosawa movie Stray Dog. The station has been unstaffed since March 1, 1971. Kokudo Station, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. 1/2/2013 鉄道ファン,ディープスポットファン,路地裏ファン,その他多くのファンを持つ駅,鶴見線国道駅を,仕事帰りの夜に再訪しました。 国道駅の名称は,鶴見線と京浜国道との交点にあることから命名されたとのことですが,駅構内(ガード下)に漂う戦前の昭和初期の雰囲気は何ともいえない味わいがあります。 (失礼ながら,しょんべん臭さも・・・) ちなみに,無人駅であり,簡易SUICA改札機がひっそりと設置されています。 神奈川県横浜市鶴見区,JR鶴見線国道駅,1/2/2013

高松琴平電気鉄道(琴電)借り切りツアー / Takamatsu-Kotohira Electric Railroad.(Kotoden)

                                                        法曹レールウェイ倶楽部で,琴平電鉄(琴平線)の借り切りツアーを行い,参加しました。 とても貴重な経験となりました。 20/10/2012 Kotoden operates three lines. The Kotohira Line, at 32.9?km, is the longest. Its terminals are Takamatsu Chikkō Station in the center of the city, and Kotoden-Kotohira Station in the town of Kotohira. The line passes through Kawaramachi Station in the heart of Takamatsu. In all, there are 21 stations. The line has a gauge of 1435?mm. The downtown section from Takamatsu Chikko Station to Ritsurin Station is double-tracked. The line operates at 1500?VDC. The 14.6?km long Nagao Line connects […]

荘厳なアントワープ駅 / the majestic station, Antwerp Central Station

      Antwerp Central station is an architectural monument in itself, and is mentioned in W G Sebald’s haunting novel Austerlitz. Prior to the completion in 2007 of a tunnel that runs northwards under the city centre to emerge at the old Antwerp Dam station, Central was a terminus. Trains from Brussels to the Netherlands had to either reverse at Central or call only at Berchem station, 2km to the south, and then describe a semicircle to the east, round the Singel. Now, they call at the new lower level of the station before continuing in the same direction. ベルギー国内の大きな乗り継ぎ駅,アントワープ中央駅の風景です。 日本の駅にはなかなか見いだせることのできない,重厚な,荘厳な建築様式を見つけることができます。 駅自体が芸術品であるといえます。 アントワープ中央駅,ベルギー王国 Antwerp central station, Belgium

モロッコ国鉄(ONCF)/ Office National des Chemins de Fer(Aeroport Med-Casa Voyageurs)

        ONCF or ONCFM (in French – Office National des Chemins de Fer du Maroc, National Office for Railways of Morocco) is Morocco’s national railway operator. The network has a north-south track from Tangier via Rabat and Casablanca to Marrakech. カサブランカ・ムハンマド5世空港駅から,市中のカサブランカ・カサヴォヤジャー駅まで乗車した際の,ムハンマド5世空港駅の風景です。 ONCF(Office National des Chemins de Fer)は、日本語では、モロッコ国鉄、もしくは、モロッコ国営鉄道とも呼ばれています。 長距離路線,寝台車にはかなり上品な仕様の列車も入っているそうですが,私が乗車した空港線は,かなりくたびれた,お世辞にも綺麗とはいえない列車でした・・・。 02/01/2013?? at? Aeroport Med? Station    

単線・非電化のローカル盲腸線・城端線 / Jōhana Line,single-track local cecum line.

城端線(じょうはな)は、高岡駅(富山県高岡市)から城端駅(富山県南砺市)の間を運行しているJR西日本の鉄道路線(地方交通線)です。 高岡駅 – 城端駅間 の29.9kmは,全線単線・非電化のローカル線です。 富山県,城端線 2004年9月 Jōhana Line is a railway line of West Japan Railway Company between Takaoka and Nanto all within Toyama Prefecture, Japan. Whole line is not electrified,and a single track railway. Johana Line, Toyama – Prefecture,Japan. Sep,2004

京急新町検査区見学 / Keikyu Line, very popular among railway fans

Keikyu Corporation , also known as Keihin Kyuko? or, more recently, Keikyu, is a private railroad that connects inner Tokyo to Kawasaki, Yokohama, Yokosuka and other points on the Miura Peninsula in Kanagawa Prefecture. It also provides rail access to Haneda Airport in Tokyo. Keihin means the Tokyo- Yokohama area. Trains on the Main Line have a maximum operating speed of 120 kilometres per hour (75?mph), making it the third fastest private railroad in the Tokyo region, after the Keisei Skyliner and the Tsukuba Express. The track gauge is 1,435?mm?(4?ft?8 1?2?in) (Standard gauge), differing from the more common Japanese track gauge of 1,067?mm?(3?ft?6?in). Keikyu line is very popular among railway […]

廃線前・ふるさと銀河線に日帰り完乗 / Furusato Ginga Line, closure in 2006

  2006年4月21日をもって,北海道ちほく高原鉄道ふるさと銀河線は廃線となりました。 これらの写真は,廃線前の4月9日,東京から日帰りで乗車(完乗)した時に撮影しました。 情緒溢れる路線で,廃線が非常に悔やまれます。 The Furusato Ginga Line was a railway line most recently operated by Hokkaidō Chihoku Kōgen Railway Company in Hokkaidō, Japan. The 140.0-kilometer line connected the municipalities of Ikeda and Kitami until its closure in 21th April,2006. I got on it on 9th April.from Kitami to Iked, just before the closure. Furusato Ginga Line, Hokkaido, Japan

夕焼けこやけ – 姫新線旧車両 / the old Rolling stock of Kishin-Line  

JR西日本姫新線・キハ40系車両(旧車両),佐用駅に停車中です。 2006年1月,佐用(平福),竜野の古い町並みを散策する際に利用しました。 別名,夕焼けこやけライン,と呼ばれていたそうで,風情ある趣きでした。 Kishin Line is a railway line operated by West Japan Railway Company (JR West) between Himeji, Hyōgo and Niimi, Okayama, Japan. This Rolling Stock , Kiha 40 , is the old type. This train is called “Yuyake-Koyake”Line (Sunset Line ).

スキポール空港 ・アムステルダム中央駅へ / Schiphol Airport to Station Amsterdam Centraal

Amsterdam Centraal Station アムステルダム中央駅

若桜鉄道若桜駅(鳥取 ) / Wakasa Sta.Tottori,Japan

若桜鉄道株式会社(Wakasa Railway Co, Ltd.)は、鳥取県で旧国鉄特定地方交通線を引き継いだ若桜線を運営している鳥取県などが出資する第三セクタ方式の鉄道会社だそうです。 終着駅の若桜駅には風情がありました。 Wakasa Station (Tottori Prefecture ) of the Wakasa Railway. Wakasa Railway Co,Ltd. is third-sector railway company with investments by Tottori Prefecture, etc. This station looks charming,I think. Wakasa Station (Wakasa Railway Co,Ltd.) , Tottori, Japan

瀬戸内海沿いの絶景・・・JR下灘駅(愛媛)/ Sheside Station, Shimonada,a superb view

無人駅、小さな駅舎です。周りには何もありません(^^ゞ。 This small station has no station staff. There is nothing around here. 穏やかな瀬戸内の海を眺めながら、数時間ホームで佇んでおりました。 I spent a few hours seeing the Island Sea. たまに汽車がやってきます♪ ちなみにかつて、この駅は、青春18切符のCMに使われました。 The train comes about once an hour. Formerly, the campaign commercial of Japan Railway were taken at this station.