荒城の月・豊後竹田のまちなみ / Bungo-Taketa, the ruins of the Oka castle



The townscape of Bungo-Taketa,Oita-Prefecture,Japan.
The first two are the photos of “Tonomachi” town, the area in which there were many samurai residences.

Bungo-taketa town is in a small basin surrounded by mountains, and is well-known as “Renkon-Machi”(the lotus root town),because there are many tunnels.
And the ruins of the Oka castle is also famous for the song, ‘Kojo no tsuki (The Moon Over the Deserted Castle)’ composed by Rentaro Taki.
When people walk through the tunnel, the song “Kojo no tsuki” is played.

Bungo-Taketa flourishd as the castle town, so ” Tonomachi” , where upper or middle class built their residences ” Samurai Yashiki ” surrounding with mud walls, still retains some traces of its former grandeur.

Bungo-Takeda, Oita, Japan

Bungo Takeda / 豊後竹田

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Bungo Takeda / 豊後竹田 32.969343, 131.408096 荒城の月・豊後竹田のまちなみ / Bungo-Taketa, the ruins of the Oka castle (Directions)

五箇山・相倉集落3秘境・五箇山集落の表情 / “Gokayama” ・・・an unexplored village

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