ビゼルト、美しい運河と生活感溢れるカスバ/ Bizerte , beautiful canal & old Kasbah

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Bizerte (Arabic: بنزرت ), also known in English as Bizerta, is the capital city of Bizerte Governorate inTunisia and the northernmost city in Africa.
Bizerte is known as the oldest and most European city in Tunisia.
It was founded around 1000 BC by Phoenicians from Tyre. It is also known as the last town to remain under French control after the rest of the country won its independence from France.
I thought that Bizerte Canal is very beautifui, and alleys in the Bizerte Fortress (Ribat du Bizerte) are very charming.

Bizerte, Bizerte Governorate, Tunisia.
January 2014, Olympus OM-D E-M1


2014年1月,Olympus OM-D E-M1

Bizerte / ビゼルト

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Bizerte / ビゼルト 37.274612, 9.862724 ビゼルト、美しい運河と生活感溢れるカスバ/ Bizerte , beautiful canal & old KasbahBizerte, Gouvernorat de Bizerte, Tunisie (Directions)

PC310549” サヘルの真珠 ” スースのメディナ / Sousse, called “the Pearl of the Sahel”

P9280258城崎にて。/ Kinosaki, nostalgic hot spring resorts

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