アムステルダム ・ 美しき運河と猥雑が混在したまち / Amsterdam,the beauty of the canals and the bustle of the city


Amsterdam has been called the “Venice of the North” for its more than one hundred kilometres of canals, and 1,500 bridges. It’s a heartwarming scene.
Famous flower markets, antique markets,food markets and other open markets open in many places,so,I enjyoed wandering.
On the other hand, there are many coffee shops ( selling marijuana ) and brothels ( Red-light district ),so,these areas aren’t so safe.
Beauty and confusion are intermingled in this city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Amsterdam / アムステルダム

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Amsterdam / アムステルダム 52.320232, 4.861450 アムステルダム ・ 美しき運河と猥雑が混在したまち / Amsterdam,the beauty of the canals and the bustle of the cityAmsterdam Centraal, Stationsplein, Amsterdam, Nederland (Directions)
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  1. In het pakket vind je uitleg hiervoor, zodat de monteur snel langs kan komen om
    je te helpen.

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