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  1. 客引きをあしらいながらの散策,エルサレム旧市街スーク / The Old City of Jerusalem, souks and alleyways.

  2. 関所の置かれた宿場町、木曽福島 / Kiso-Fukushima, an important check-point on the Nakasendo.

  3. 穏やかな入江をのぞむ舟屋のまちなみ、伊根 / Ine, funayas are built at the water’s edge.

  4. ポルトガルの香り,マカオ歴史地区 / O Centro Histórico de Macau

  5. 名所旧跡がまばゆいサンクトペテルブルク / Sankt Petersburg, with Church of the Savior on Blood,etc

  6. 女城主で知られる城下町、岩村 / Iwamura, the castle town, well known for the female castle load.

  7. 吹雪に霞む留萌本線 / Rumoi Main Line in a Blizzard

  8. 水舟のせせらぎが響く須原宿 / Suhara-juku, with murmuring water

  9. ”七曲がり”の宿、木曽野尻宿 / Kiso-Nojiri-juku, stands along the winding path.

  10. 帝政ロシア威信をかけたイサク大聖堂 / Saint Isaac’s Cathedral, the largest orthodox basilica and the fourth largest cathedral in the world.